Top Dressers And Compost Spreaders In Georgia

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Are you looking for the top dressing spreader or compost spreader to change the way you get work done? Earth & Turf Products knows that the more effectively your machines spread, the more work can be accomplished. 

We’ve designed and built our compost spreaders to serve landscaping contractors, sports field managers, market gardeners, and property management companies all across the state of Georgia and the rest of the country.

Earth & Turf compost spreaders and top dressers are made with durable, long-lasting materials and designed with the end user in mind. Whether you’re interested in a drop spreader from our TruFlow line or you are looking for a top dresser with a spray pattern from our MultiSpread line, we have what you need. 

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MultiSpread Compost Spreaders In Georgia

The MultiSpread line of compost spreaders features everything from walk-behind spreaders to self-propelled top dressing spreaders. You can find a machine in the MultiSpread Compost Spreader product line that suits your needs. 

Below you will find a few of the models in the lineup to give you an idea of what all Earth & Turf Products can offer to Georgia and beyond. 

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62SP Georgia Landscaping Topdresser

There is a lot to like about the 62Sp landscaping topdresser and its many features. The most unique feature is that it can drive in both forward and reverse. This allows the operator to maneuver into tight spaces easily. It only spreads in forward so you will never worry about double-spreading materials either!

The 62SP landscaping topdresser can spread sand, compost, calcined clay, crumbed rubber, grit, de-icing materials, and topdressing materials.

More About 62SP
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100SP Georgia Self Propelled Topdresser

Boasting 10 cubic feet of hopper capacity, the MultiSpread 100SP from Earth & Turf Products isn’t here to play games. This impressively strong and durable machine can hold 100% hopper capacity of sand. Its competition on the market is rated at 40% capacity with sand. We designed the 100SP to spread different top dressing materials well but made sure it was ready to handle a full load of sand. 

Because of the strength of construction and material diversity this machine works great for landscaping contractors, sports field/turf maintenance, golf courses, and maintenance/groundskeeping crews.

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MultiSpread 320 Georgia Tow Behind Compost Spreader

The MultiSpread 320 is the big brother compost spreader to the MultiSpread 220 tow behind spreader. Both are designed with widespread beater capabilities. The 320 will spread materials up to 72 inches wide. You can cover more ground faster with one of our MultiSpread tow behind models.

More About MultiSpread 320

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TruFlow Compost Spreaders In Georgia

The TruFLow Line of compost spreaders differ from the MultiSpread Line in that all 3 of the TruFlow models are drop spreaders. Earth & Turf’s TruFlow spreaders are “built like tanks”, they will make any job easier and go more quickly. 

These commercial grade drop spreaders are designed to spread flowable, top dressing materials. Moisture content is important, these spreaders are designed to spread dryer material with moisture content ranging from 25-30%.

TruFlow 24D Lawn Drop Spreader In Georgia

Perfect for spreading infield mix on baseball diamonds and spot repair on turfed fields, the TruFlow 24D can spread material with a moisture content of up to 30%. Another common use is sand spreading and crumbed rubber application on turf fields.

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More About TruFlow 24D

TruFlow 36D Tow-Behind Drop Spreader In Georgia

The 36D is the smaller of Earth & Turf Products 2 tow-behind style drop spreaders. The 36D can spread flowable top dressing material up to 25% moisture content. This spreader is great for  most sports fields and can easily spread calcined clay, sand, and more.

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More About TruFlow 36D
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Vineyard Mulch Spreader For Georgia

Vineyard Mulch Spreader

Earth & Turf has designed this top dresser specifically for those tending to vineyards, orchards, and crops with narrow rows. The wheels are only 42 inches wide and the machine body, at its widest (with light material sides added), is only 45 inches wide. 

The Model 320 vineyard special is a great top dresser for any vineyard or orchard caretaker because it spreads up to 72 inches wide! This means that even as you maneuver down your narrow rows, you can spread your top dressing or compost materials over the rows on either side of your spreader.

Vineyard TopDresser
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