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Commercial Landscaping Equipment for residential and commercial landscapers. Made in America and built to last. Compost spreaders, drop spreaders, turf aerators, self-propelled topdressers, mulch spreaders, and more! Our landscaping equipment will help you take care of your customers.

We know that as commercial landscaping contractors, taking care of your customers is your top priority. That’s why we’ve designed and built the best Commercial Landscaping Equipment for our customers. We want to help you do the best job possible for your clients. We’ve taken over 20 years of turf care equipment experience and consistently used that gathered knowledge to improve and update our machines. The result is some of the most reliable, sturdy, effective commercial landscaping equipment on the market today.

Below, we’ve listed a number of our most popular commercial landscaping models for sale  and the links to the rest of the products in each lineup can be found beneath the products. You can contact us today to find out more about each model and pricing or if you need help figuring out which machine will best fit your needs we can answer those questions as well. 

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62SP Self Propelled topdresser for sale

MultiSpread™ 62SP

The MultiSpread 62SP is an improvement on the 60SP Model that came before it. This model is a self propelling, landscaping topdresser. Designed to hold full loads sand, this model’s construction will last. Load up the 6.7 cu. ft. hopper and spread topdressing material up to 42 inches wide. As far as commercial landscaping equipment goes, the 62SP will help you get the job done right.

62SP Self-Propelled Topdresser
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MultiSpread™ 100SP

The MultiSpread 100SP is larger than the 62SP and is another great self propelling, landscaping topdresser option from Earth & Turf. We build our top dressing spreaders with landscapers and market gardeners in mind. Creating commercial landscape equipment that will improve the businesses of our customers is an important goal of ours. The 100SP key features include a 10.5 hp engine, hydrostatic drive, 10 cu. ft. hopper, and brush expeller(optional add-on). Add on the optional light material sides to increase the capacity for light-weight loads.

100SP Self-Propelled Topdresser
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MultiSpread™ 415SP

The MultiSpread 415SP is the ultimate landscaping top dresser we have for sale from Earth & Turf Products. This is the premiere stand on top dresser that operates at up to 7 mph while spreading. You can opt for the optional aerator and seeding box features as well. Learn more on the 415SP product page.

415Sp Stand On Topdresser

Topdressing: The Landscaping Industry’s Best-Kept Secret

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In the ever-evolving world of landscaping, professionals are constantly seeking ways to enhance the quality of their services and increase profitability. One method that stands out as the industry’s best-kept secret is topdressing – a technique that involves applying a thin layer of material, such as sand or compost, to the lawn surface. With sand, you can level your ground, or you can amend your soil with compost. Today, we delve into the profitability of topdressing for landscapers and shed light on the importance of high-quality equipment. 

The Profitability Of Topdressing

Landscapers adopting topdressing techniques have found a lucrative niche in the market. The average cost for topdressing is $0.10 per square foot, not including the cost of the materials. It provides a steady income stream, and the potential for higher charges exists, particularly for larger or more complex projects. It’s crucial to note that additional costs may come into play depending on the distance required to reload materials or the local market demand.

Beyond the immediate financial gains, topdressing jobs also cultivate satisfied clients who appreciate the transformative effects on their lawns. The aesthetic improvements and enhanced turf health resulting from topdressing contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Quality Topdressing Equipment Matters

 While the profitability of topdressing is undeniable, the efficiency and effectiveness of the job heavily depend on the equipment used. Earth and Turf Products – a leading provider of high-quality topdressing equipment that has become a game-changer for landscapers.

Investing in reliable, efficient topdressing equipment not only streamlines the job but also ensures precision and consistency. Earth and Turf Products offer machines that cover a wide range of applications, from sand spreading to compost distribution. The speed and accuracy of these machines significantly reduce labor costs, allowing landscapers to take on more projects and maximize their earnings.

Speed and Precision When Topdressing

In the competitive landscaping industry, time is money. Earth and Turf Products’ topdressing equipment stands out for its efficiency, allowing landscapers to complete jobs faster without compromising on quality. The precision in material application ensures an even and uniform coverage, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the topdressing process.

 As landscapers embrace the profitability of topdressing, the significance of investing in top-notch equipment becomes increasingly apparent. Earth and Turf Products not only provide the tools for success but also contribute to the long-term sustainability of landscaping businesses.


 Topdressing has emerged as the landscaping industry’s best-kept secret for profitability, combining aesthetic appeal with soil health benefits. Landscapers find themselves in a lucrative market, with the potential for increased revenue based on project complexity. However, the key to unlocking the full potential of topdressing lies in investing in high-quality equipment, such as that offered by Earth and Turf Products. As landscapers continue to prioritize efficiency and precision, topdressing is poised to become a staple technique, bringing prosperity and success to those who embrace its potential.

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