TruFlow™ 54D

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Pull-Behind Drop Spreader

Our largest pull-behind drop spreader is our TruFlow 54D. This drop spreader has been designed for large areas. The 54D has a capacity of 15 cu. ft and a 54-inch spread width. True to all TruFlow topdressing drop spreaders, the TruFlow 54D spreads dry sand, calcined clay, crumbed rubber, and dry bagged materials.

This pull-behind drop spreader can be used on baseball fields, synthetic turf fields, golf greens, and other playing surfaces that need to be refaced or replenished with a topdressing type material.

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earth and truflow 36d topdressing
earth and turf truflow 36d topdressers
Earth and turf 36d Topdresser.
Earth & Turf TruFlow 36d tow-behind topdresser.

Pull-Behind Drop Spreader Moisture Test

The best way to know whether or not your materials will work with one of our pull-behind drop spreaders is by performing a basic moisture test. All you have to is grab handful of the material you want to spread and if it is dry enough to flow through your fingers then it will spread with one of our topdressers. The 54D is designed to handle materials with up to 25% moisture content.

You can contact us with any questions you may have about our machines and their applications by clicking below, we would love to answer your questions!

What Our Customers Say About The Truflow Line

Mark Blanchard

Earth and Turf provide not only a tremendous product, but their customer service is first class…Jeb and team is are amazing! They are a pleasure to work with!

Mark Blanchard

Kevn Swope

I contacted John at Earth & Turf. He was very helpful in listening to my equipment needs and helping me select and purchase the appropriate piece of equipment for our farm’s needs. He worked with us to get it ordered and shipped quickly. The equipment arrived on time and we are very happy with the quality of the it and it’s performance on our operation. They are a great company to work with!

Kevn Swope
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What it spreads:

The 54D spreads materials that are 25% or below in moisture content. A few materials that are commonly spread by the TruFlow 54D include sand, calcined clay, crumbed rubber, and dry bagged materials. The 54D will not spread moist compost well so we recommend this spreader for Landscape Contractors and Sports Field Maintenance Departments.

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Powered By:

The TruFlow 54D is a pull-behind drop spreader. It requires a small lawn & garden tractor, zero-turn mower, golf cart, utility cart, ATV, or compact tractor with at least 12 HP. The dispensing drum is powered by the ground drive wheels on the spreader and can be turned on or off from the seat a small tractor.

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Who uses this machine?

This drop spreader can be used by a variety of occupations from golf course superintendents wanting to top-dress greens and tee-boxes with sand, landscape contractors with multiple properties to top-dress, sports turf installers, and maintenance of sports turf.

Standard Features

earth and turf truflow topdresser 36d wheel

Ground Drive System:

The wide turf tires provide the power to the dispersal roller.

earth and turf truflow topdresser 36d end gate

Adjustable End-Gate:

The adjustable end-gate allows you to easily control the amount of material being applied when using this pull-behind drop spreader.

earth and turf truflow topdresser 36d hitch


The 54D is a pull-behind drop spreader. The hitch on front makes it easy to hook up to your compact tractor or lawn & garden tractor.

earth and turf truflow topdresser 36d drum

Large Hopper:

The 15 cu. ft. hopper on the TruFlow 54D makes sure that you can spread for longer periods of time.


Capacity: 15 cu. ft. (0.42 m3)

Max Load Weight: 1,630 lbs. (739.4 kg)

Box Width: 56 inches (142.2 cm)

Box Length: 24 inches (61 cm)

Total Height: 37 inches (94 cm)

Total Width: 79 inches (201.3 cm)

Total Length: 65 inches (165.1 cm)

Spread Width: 54 inches (137.2 cm)

Spread Thickness: Up to 0.5 inches (1.3 cm)

Spread System: Drum & Drop

Weight w/ Tires: 350 lbs. (158.8 kg)

Tire Size: 18.00 x 8.50 - 8.00

Movement: Pull-Type / Tow-Type

Drive: Ground Drive (Single Wheel)

Required Power: 12 hp (9 kw)

Build: 12/16 Ga. Bolted Steel, 2 Part Epoxy

Similar Truflow Models

lawn drop spreader in action

Lawn Drop Spreader

TruFlow™ 24D

The TruFlow™ 24D lawn drop spreader was designed for operators who need to spread topdressing material in tight areas. The 24D lawn drop spreader is a simple design with a four-wheel stance. The forward wheels provide the power to turn the dispensing roller.

The 24D is a 130 lb. drop spreader featuring a 3 cubic foot capacity, 8-inch-diameter dispersal drum, 24-inch-wide spreading pattern, and an adjustable front gate.

Lawn Drop Spreader
36DF Topdresser

Tow Behind Drop Spreader

TruFlow 36D

The TruFlow 36D is our mid-size tow behind drop spreader designed for landscape contractors, homeowners with larger yards, small municipal golf courses, and Par 3 golf courses.

This 225 lb. tow behind drop spreader is engineered to apply dry, flow-able materials (with moisture content up to 25%) which makes the TruFlow 36D an ideal machine to spread sand, topdressing mixes, and more.

Tow Behind Drop Spreader
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Struggling to Find the Perfect Spreader?

Finding the ideal topdresser or spreader can be challenging. That's why we've created this filtering tool to simplify the process for you! With this tool, you can start by filtering based on the type of material you intend to spread. This ensures that you get the right spreader for your specific needs without any guesswork!

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