School and University Athletic Managers

Schools, Universities and Municipalities have been contacting us because they feel they can save money topdressing their sport fields. One of the customer who recently purchased a topdresser told me he was buying his topdressing material and then paying a company $3,000 to come and spread it on their field. They were planning on doing topdressing twice a year which would make the cost $6,000 per year. The school owned a compact tractor with a loader and UTVs to tow the topdresser. At this point it only became a project requiring labor and they already had enough staff members available to do the job. They purchased a model 320 Multispread topdresser from us which has a retail price of $5856.00. To make the deal even better we offer special discounts for schools, universities and municipalities so their final cost with shipping was under $6,000.00. The best news is they could pay for the unit in one season and still use it for years to come and they never have to wait on someone else’s’ schedule.

This seems to be a trend as we have sold more topdressers to these entities than ever before.If you are wondering if you can save money on your field maintenance by doing your own topdressing call us or email us and we can go over our programs with you and see if it works.

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