Earth & Turf Mission Statement

The future of our soils and the cleanliness of our water depend on how we manage our natural resources. Earth & Turf Products, LLC, is on a mission to help with this management by improving our soils. Topdressing is one process used to make soils better by improving their microbiology. This, in turn, increases the quality of turf grass without so much dependency on chemicals. Earth & Turf’s desire is to be part of the solution by providing simple, well-built, affordable topdressers that can be used to spread earth-friendly products onto our turf grass.

Earth & Turf’s first topdresser design was the TruFlow™ Series. It was developed to spread dry, flowable material with uniform particle size. Customers often ask, “how dry?” The answer is, “Dry enough to flow through your fingers when you pick up a handful.” The TruFlow models are generally used with bagged materials like sand, calcined clay and other such dry materials normally shipped in bags. Earth & Turf’s MultiSpread™ topdressers will spread a wide variety of materials, wet or dry, and are designed to sell at prices you can afford. Their innovation lies in a wide-spread beater that provides uniform, even spreading from 48 to 72 inches in width. These models will spread sand, compost, specialized topdressing mixes, wood chips, grit, crumbed rubber, etc. The list goes on and on.

Earth & Turf MultiSpread topdressers, with the widespread beater, spread materials wider than their overall width, so you never have to drive over the material you have already spread. These machines are fast, reliable, and backed by one of the best warranties on the market.

A new walk-behind model, designed to spread compost, rounds out our product line and satisfies the requests of numerous turf professionals.

Our customers tell us that our topdressers are “built like tanks” and that they require so few repairs that each job can be done quickly. This means they can move on the next job sooner to maximize turnover and profits.

Among the many reasons for not spreading potentially harmful materials on turf, here are four very good ones!