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About Us – Our Mission Statement

About Earth and Turf Products

Earth and Turf Products’ desire is to be part of the solution to the future of our soils and the cleanliness of our water.

The future of our soils and the cleanliness of our water depends on how we manage our natural resources. Earth & Turf Products’ mission is to help manage our resources by improving our soils. Topdressing is one process used to make soils better by improving its micro-biology. In turn, this helps to increase the quality of turf grass without a dependency on chemicals. Earth & Turf’s desire is to be part of the solution by providing simple, well-built, affordable topdressers that can be used to spread earth-friendly products onto our turf grass.

Among the many reasons for not spreading potentially harmful materials on our turf, here are two very good ones…

We want to have safe lawns and play areas for our children and pets and want to make sure we quit polluting our waterways with chemicals that we may end up drinking because the treatment plants may not be able to clean them all out.

I refer back to a blog I wrote several years ago based on an article from Austin, Texas where they found about 70% of the chemicals used in weed and feed type products in their water reservoir.

Our customers often tell us that our topdressers are “built like tanks” and they require so few repairs that each job can be done quickly. This means they can move on to the next job sooner and maximize turnover and profits.